Welcome to the East Central Therapy Dog Website

You may have seen us in the hospital, at the mall or in a parade and wondered what exactly do these dogs do? Just what they have been doing for centuries – offering unconditional love and friendship.

Undeterred by human illness, handicap, disfigurement, confusion or tears, with no prejudice against creed, colour, religion or politics, our Therapy Dogs calm the anxious, cheer the lonely, distract the pain-ridden and comfort the despondent. They can coax a smile with the light in their eyes and rekindle happy memories with the wag of a tail; stroking the dog can lower blood pressure, and seeing a dog thread its way through a corridor full of gurneys, drip poles and wheelchairs can restore a sense of balance, of life outside the high tech walls of modern medicine.

In a health care environment where patient contact time is being squeezed as never before by economic constraints, the dogs offer the invaluable gift of just being there.

Please explore our website to find out more and if you have a suitable dog, consider joining us to bring the unconditional love of your dog to those are no longer able to have a pet of their own.